10 Best Essential Oils for Aromatherapy to Begin With!!

If you have decided to step in the world of natural products and is confused from where to start, then the most perfect and the best way to begin your journey is with essential oils. Instead of drooling over the chemical-based cosmetics, if you want a permanent solution to your problems, then switching to the natural way is the best thing to go with. In this sequence, avoiding cosmetics at once will be a difficult task. So, there are aromatherapy essential oils that can be the savior for you in the world full of artificiality.

Before diving into the range of essential oils, one should have enough knowledge about what aromatherapy actually is! So, it is a therapy that uses the naturally extracted oils called essential oils for healing, treating, and enhancing the health of body, mind, and spirit. If you are not feeling in the right way and your mind is full of non-relevant thoughts, then aromatherapy is the best solution for you to go with. This therapy consists of massaging with the lotion or oil that contains essential oils in it. The main purpose is to inhale the relaxing and sedative aroma of these naturally produced oils through the skin.

Now, after knowing about the aromatherapy, the next thought that comes in mind is the types of oil that one should have in the daily care routine. For this, here is a compiled list that has some exotic essential oils that can be used for the aromatherapy.

1. Lavender Essential Oil
lavender essential oil

The most recommended and widely used essential oil for aromatherapy is this Lavender oil. Loaded with amazing properties and soothing scent; this oil can be used in promoting relaxation and sound sleep. Just combine with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil and you can directly use this oil for the aromatherapy.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil
peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is the love of all and so does the Peppermint essential oil. It has a refreshing minty smell that is perfect for the summer nights to get relaxed and calm. Not only for summers, one can use this oil in winters for treating the sore throat. This oil also works well in reducing anxiety, stress, and fatigue that makes it a perfect option for aromatherapy.

3. Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil

After reading the name of lemon, the first thought that came in mind is something and clean and fresh. This essential oil is the one that can be included in the daily life for many of its benefits like promoting healthy stomach and digestion, killing germs, freshening the air, and of course in making your skin even-toned.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If you are suffering for the cold and cough, then this oil can be a savior for you. Just pour a few drops of this oil into the diffuser filled with water and inhale its aroma before going to bed. This fights congestion and winter infection, making you able to breathe properly.

5. Tea Tree Essential Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil

In the sequence of these essential oils, it is the one that has an indefinite number of medicinal properties. From treating dandruff to killing mouth germs and healing acne; you can use this oil in many ways. So, just add it into the list of daily routine and you are all sorted for a relaxing life.

6. Chamomile Essential Oil
Chamomile Essential Oil

This essential oil has an amazing smell that everyone enjoys. It's relaxing and pleasant aroma is something that can help you in getting rid of anxiety, stress, and fatigue promoting sound sleep. With this, it also fights bacterial infection, digestive problems, and overall it promotes youthful younger-looking skin.

7. Rosemary Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil

This is multi-purpose oil that has many uses. If you are having a digestive problem, then applying this oil in the abdominal area will help in curing the problem. Also, if the one is suffering from sore muscles, then also messaging with this oil can works well. If in case of cough, cold, and depression; this oil can be used in diffusers for the congestion and blocked nose. All these uses prove that this oil is the best one to go with without having second thoughts.

8. Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Sweet Orange Essential Oil

If you are frustrated with the problem of lack of sleep, then this oil is the best option to drool over. It has amazing properties that can uplift your mood by reducing anxiety and hypertension. Apart from its sedative aroma, it is the one that also works well in fighting with the infectious bacteria and boost the immune system.

9. Marjoram Essential Oil
Marjoram Essential Oil

This oil when blended with a carrier oil, reduce depression and anxiety like a spellbound. You can use it in many ways like apply it on the back of the neck to reduce stress and tension. With this, it can also be used in a diffuser for the inhaling purpose to infuse the positive vibes in the room.

10. Grapefruit Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential Oil

This is one of the most popular and widely used oils from the citrus family. If you are feeling jet leg, then this spicy and refreshing aroma of this oil can make you feel relaxed by calming the tensed nerves of the brain. You can also diffuse its amazing and attractive aroma into your room through a diffuser.

All the above-mentioned essential oils will take your skin-care routine to a whole new level. So, don't stress yourself and pick any one of the listed products to ginger-up your skin-care. Now, you also don't need to compromise with the quality of the products as many online portals are bonding up with the essential oil manufacturers and suppliers to provide customers the utmost satisfaction of online shopping.

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